Hamilton Distribution

Our distribution is always being added to! See below for current locations


Starting at Meadowlands: Sobey’s, Wendy’s in with Tims, Tim Horton’s in with Wendys, Empire Barber Shop, Booster Juicer, Pur Simple, DQ, Swiss Chalet, and into the village Ancaster Community Centre, Village Hair by Design, Tims – Village, Dodsworth Funeral Home, Ancaster Pizza, Olive, out along Wilson to Arthritis & Sports Med Clinic, Sushi, Food Basics, Stacked, Pizza Pizza, The Brassie, Marble Slab Creamery, Halibut House, Fortinos – Gourmet Bean Roast, Ancaster Ice Cream, Wimpy’s Diner, Symposium cafe, Mary Browns, Pita Pit, Burger Factory, Quesadea, Sammy’s, McDonalds Walmart, Canadian Tire, Boston Pizza, Tims – beside Lowes, Booster Juicer, Osmows, Sunset Grill, Longos/Starbucks, Tims Duffs Corner, Wendy’s Duffs Corner, Egg and I, Pulp Fiction, Golden Pita


Osmows, Bagel House, Bowling Alley, Canadian Tire, Taso, Dundas Shawarma, Tim Hortons’s King St, Pizza Pizza, Chans Chinese, Pita Pit, Dundas Community S, Valley Charcoal, Horn Of Plenty, Jax Sweet Shop, Collins Brewhouse, Relay Coffee, Bangkok Spoon, Eva Skin/Beauty Spa, Laundromat, Pharma save, Emilio’s Eatery, Winchester Arms, Domestic Café, Ali Barber, Dundas Legion, Laundromat, Big Bone BBQ, Metro, Vitamin Store, Tim Horton’s Governor

Hamilton Mountain

Tims  Mohawk West, Cora’s, Booster Juicer, Fortinos, Wendy’s, Broadway Diner, Tims, Works Burger, Harvey’s, Swiss Chalet, Denningers, Wendys, Taco Bell, McD’s in Walmart, Tims K3 Plaza, Tims Concession, Stage Diner, Concession, Sub, Mountain View Tire, Pita Pit, DQ, Harveys, Value Village, Sackville Seniors Centre, Pizza Pizza, Fortinos Mall Rd, Tim Rymal, Wendys, Mr. Sub, Harveys, Uquilt, Swiss Chalet, Arbys, Donut Diner, DQ, Tims Upper Ottawa, Golden Fish & Chips, Mikes Subs, McD’s Upper Gage, Tims, GS Car Wash, Mission Thrift Store, Wimpys, East End Massage, Mikes Subs, Tims Upper Gage Stone Church


Tims at Cathy’s Corner, Rockton Berry Farm, Esso on HWY 5, Stix BBQ Stand, Dutch Mill Country Store, Tim Hortons/Wendy’s, Stacked, Sunset Grill, Osmows, Booster Juice, Quesada, Little Caesars, Bobi, Popeyes, Walmart McD’s, Real Burger Co, Pizza Ville, Copper Kettle, Waterdown Goldsmith, Thai Waterdown, Jitterbug Café, Tea at the White House, Waterdown Laundry, Bowling Alley, Symposium, Cedar Laundry Mat, Fortino’s, Chinese Food, Tim Hortons, Johnny’s Pizza, Parkside Animal Hospital, Royal Canadian Legion, Bar Burrito, Pizza Pizza, Nara Restaurant, Garcia’s Sandwich Shop, Sobeys, Tim Hortons, Harvey’s & Swiss Chalet, Dairy Queen, Hello Iris, Sense of Hearing, Bills Auto, Tims @ Breezys Corner, Breezy’ s Restaurant, Freelton Bakery, Bakery Plus, Carlisle Pharmacy, Carlisle Library

Stoney Creek Upper and Lower

Winona Seniors Club, Tim Hortons Winona South, Memphis Fire Barbeque Company, Fin Fish and Chips, Tim Hortons Fruitland, Arbys Hwy 8, Home Hardware, McDonalds – 385 Hwy 8, Hooked on Holistics, Pita Pit Hwy 8, Stacked Hwy 8, Tims HYW 8, Little Caesars beside Tims, Fortino’s HWY 8, Booster Juice Hwy 8, Dairy Queen Hwy 8, Royal Canadian Legion Br 622, Cake Empire, Health Sciences Building, Village Restaurant, Country Style Kings St, Harvey’s Centennial, Fortino’s Elfrida, MCDs Elfrida, Symposium Elfrida, Sunset Elfrida, Osmows Elfrida, McD’s at Walmart Elfrida, Stacked Elfrida, DQ Elfrida, Tims  Elfrida, Tims/Wendy’s Mud/Centennial, Denningers, Denny’s, McD’s Walmart, Hutches on the Beach, Diner 66 – Wimpys, Roma Bakery, Big Fat Chicken, Pita Pit, Tims, Sunset Grill, Bar Burrito, Pizza Hut, Booster Juice, Pita Pit, Tims Fifty Rd

Hamilton West / Westdale

Tims Main West, Granddads Donuts, Williams on the Water, Hutch on Bay St., Tims Dundurn Plaza, Pizza Pizza Dundurn, Dundurn Fortinos, Halibut House, Second Cup, Mikel Coffee, Paisley Coffee, Burrito, Burnt Tongue, Pita Pit, Williams Cafe, Pinks Burgers, ML Pancake House, Tally Ho, Dough Box Pizza, Fortino’s Main St., Wendy’s, Stacked, Pitaland, Booster Juice, Bar Burrito, Baskin Robbins, West End Diner, Burrito Brothers


Hamilton East / Crown Point/Gage

Lococo, Sunset Grill, Fortino’s, Wimpy’s Diner, Taco Bell, Swiss Chalet, McDonalds – 674 Queenston Rd, Tim Hortons, Harvey’s, Starkys, Wendy’s, Bedrock, Little Caesars, KFC Parkdale, Fish and Chips Parkdale, Tim Hortons Main St Cochrane Circle, Tims Kenilworth, McDonalds Delta,  Gage Park Diner, Tims Ottawa St, Mikes Subs, The Cannon, Pizzaioli, Down the Street Food, Simple Italian Bakery, Harvey’s Centre Mall, Sunset Grill Centre Mall, Tims Centre Mall, Tims Barton at Tolton, Woodward’s